Day Drinking versus Night Drinking

Fuck going out at night. Fuck clubs. Fuck loud music. Fuck crowded places. Going out for a night of drinking is objectively terrible. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love crushing over priced drinks then waking up to a soul crushing amount of money being gone from my account. Who does not love that thrill? […]

Ranking of Star Wars movies

The Star Wars fan base has been and will probably always be split on this and no one will ever agree. Once the prequel trilogy came out there was instant backlash from the original trilogy fanbase who for some reason feel that if a Star Wars movie is not exactly the same as the originals […]

A Reason to Drink (Today in History 6/25)

We are in a heat wave and nothing hydrates better than a refreshing beverage of the alcohol variety. However at this point into our four month COVID benders you may need a little motivation to pour that first glass allow me to help. On this day in history, 23 years ago, was the 1997 NBA […]

Dr. McGillicuddy’s Top 5 Flavors

We are here to rank the best shooters, nips, mini bottles, or whatever the fuck you one to call them. The doctor dominates this portion of the liquor market. If you disagree you are objectively wrong. Since there is no argument about another brand being superior, we are going to rank the top 5. Honorable […]

Useless Quarantine Purchases

As the world (New England) starts to reopen it is a good time to remind ourselves of how we spent this time. Most likely we wasted it and for proof of this we need to look no further than our recent Amazon purchases. We will run though my useless purchases, so maybe I can save […]

Breaking News: Krug No Longer a Bruin

You heard it here first folks. Torey Krug will be leaving the Bruins. I keep my secrets, you will never know how I know this. But my sources say this is pretty much set in stone. Torey Krug will be going to Buffalo and in return we will be getting Jack Eichel. No time for […]


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