We Are Back

Several years ago we attempted to launch this site with unrealistic expectations. As college students, when those expectations were not immediately met we abandoned the site. Now the extreme boredom of life during Covid has brought us back for round two. I just want ti prepare our three or four readers for the changes they might see on our revamped Cocky New Englander site.

The Biggest change is that we made the switch from Wix to word press. This change was made for one reason. Wix updated and I was so confused that I gave up and switched over to Word Press. That is it. Second, we will have more variety in our articles. The primary reason for this is that sports are non existent, but we consider it as diversifying our outreach. Third, we are launching a podcast. We will cover topics that we feel like talking about and will definitely ramble and get into pointless arguments. Finally, it appears the the full trio is coming back. The Me (Nick), Dan, and Pat trifecta is here to type articles, riddled with spelling areas, and yell at each other on are headsets that came free with our PS4s.

We look forward to annoying those of you who forgot that you follow us and annoying those of you that misses us.

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