Ranking Tom Brady’s Back Ups

#15 Isaiah Stanback (2009-2010)

Though technically a QB on the roster this guy caught three passes and never threw one himself. Hard to be considered a good back up if you do not throw the ball.

#14 Matt Gutierrez (2007-2009)

Sporadically inactive, but did pass for complete a pass or two and had a productive preseason one year. However we ended up cutting him to make space for a guy who also didn’t make the team that year.

#13 Danny Etling (2018-2019)

He was a project QB that never amounted to much in the short time we had him. But, the man has a ring from the second time we beat the Rams, so maybe he was working some practice squad magic to help the team out.

#12 Kevin O’Connell (2008-2009)

Looked like trash in the preseason for the most part, but managed to hang around a full season before getting cut. Bounced around the league for a bit, but turns out he makes a better coach than a player.

#11 Vinny Testaverde (2006-2007)

The man had a long, productive career, but by the time we got him he was 43. Maybe he inspired Brady that a QB career can last forever. Who knows?

#10 Damon Huard (2000-2003)

The first man to back up Brady has a pro. He was the third stringer the year that Bledsoe went down. We need to be grateful that this guy was mediocre. If he was a solid guy then Brady may have never gotten his shot.

#9 Ryan Mallet (2011-2013)

He never did anything, but we never really asked him to do anything. He was good enough to beat out Tebow. However, he was QBing the scout team for some bad Patriot defensive seasons so he deserves some blame there. Only ranked so high here because Bill trusted him to be the lone back to Brady for a couple of seasons. And remember, this was post Brady ACL tear.

#8 Doug Flutie (2005-2006)

Guys? The dropkick? It’s fucking Doug Flutie. I feel like I do not need to justify him at 8, but tough to move him higher.

#7 Rohan Davey (2002-2005)

Absolute Beast with LSU and player of the year for the sorely missed “NFL Europe”. A confident backup to push Brady as he transcended from good to god. A bit off topic, but he was electric in Madden 2004 when they default setting was auto subs at every position and I was too dumb to change it.

#6 Brian Hoyer (2009-2011, 2017-2018)

Brady loves the guy and if the list is of Brady’s back ups then we need to put Brady’s favorite near the top. Also QBed Cleveland’s one competitive season in recent memory. Lastly, this song is a fucking banger:

#5 Matt Cassel (2005-2008)

The 2008 season alone get him here. 11-5 without Brady? That is insane. Of course it had to be the year that the Dolphins were on their Wildcat bullshit and the Jets decided to be slightly better than there usual suck. If we did not get fucked over in a dumb ass criteria tie breaker then Cassel would have QBed a playoff team. Also, was on the roster three other seasons as a competent back up.

#4 Jimmy Garoppolo (2014-2017)

We trusted him as a back up. According to his teammates he was hard working and dedicated on the scout team. Obviously, he is seeing success in San Francisco now. What keeps him out of the top 3? He is made of glass. We needed him for 4 games. That is it, and he could not get it done.

#3 Jacoby Brissett (2016-2017)

He exceeds expectations. When it comes down to it, he succeed where Garoppolo didn’t. He filled in and showed he is capable. He then goes on to show that he is more than a back up, but a solid starter in this league.

#2 Drew Bledsoe (2001)

Bledsoe was the Patriots before getting hurt. Tom was too hot when he was healthy again so Bledsoe was relegated to back up. Fast forward to the AFC championship game. Brady goes down and Bledsoe comes in to win the game for us as part of the magical Super Bowl run.

#1 Jarret Stidham (2019)

Hear me out on this one. We need this to be true. We need Stidham to be the greatest man to back up Brady. Bill trusts him, so I trust him. I’m thinking 3700ish yards with 37 TDs and 14 INTs in his first season as a starter if Covid allows us to have a full season.

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