Ranking who has the best Draft

#5 The MLB

Every year when the draft for baseball comes around it it met with minimal excitement. It is just a bunch of high school kids that nobody has ever heard of and a bunch of college kids that nobody watches unless that played in the college world series. I honestly could not think of a single draft eligible player’s name until after the draft. People only care when a team gambles to take a dual sport kid destined for NFL medicority.

#4 The US Armed forces

Now I know that this is a different type of draft and it technically does not exist anymore, but as long as young men need to sign up for selective service it will linger i the background as a thing to be worried about. The dread of being summoned to serve your country when you have chosen another career path just does not seem ideal to me. However, this is still way fucking better than the MLB draft, because at least I have heard of someone that could be drafted: Me.

#3 The NHL

This may not be true if you live outside New England, but if you live outside New England then fuck you. Although there is a lot of juniors guys and Europeans whose names I will never pronounce correctly there are a good crop of college guys going early. These are guys we watched in the Beanpot each year or one of the UMasses when they choose to be relevant once in a blue moon.

#2 The NBA

It took us all the way to number 2 before we got to a draft that people actually watch. The hype of the lottery is unmatched as we get to watch teams tank year after year only to see the number one pick totally evade them. We get busts taken hilariously high, and with only two rounds, there is no time to make up for a miss. Unfortunately if your team does not have a top 5 pick, because they are a playoff regular, then you probably do not even watch.

#1 The NFL

Now this was just obvious. It is not as good as it was when it was an all day marathon, but even spread across three days this is can’t miss television. The specificity of position and scheme fits in football allow your team to snag a star at any time. Because quarterbacks are so popular during the season we get to watch household names fall or go undrafted completely. Also football is the best sport so no shit that it would have the best draft.

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