Things I Miss During COVID

Now that we are over three months into this nonsense I am starting to realize the things I can not do. I totally get that this is to prevent more deaths and I support it. However, I am still totally going to complain about my boredom that is resulting from it. These are in no particular order, but some I miss more than others.

Going to Work

Honestly, never thought I would be saying this, but it is so true. I miss going to work every day. I miss having a reason for being tired each day and the structure my work schedule provide. I had a more fulfilling life yelling at teenagers about Shakespeare than I do playing COD: Warzone everyday (not to brag, but I have 7 wins). It has been so long that I do not truly remember if I enjoy my job. It was not the same once we transitioned to remote, but I vaguely remember it bringing me joy in the before time.

Having an excuse to not do stuff

My apartment is a mess. I have put on so much weight and have not attempted to exercise. I do not fold my laundry. My recycling ends up in the trash. Most of my meals are frozen. I had a valid excuse for all of these things when I was working 60 hours a week. Now I have no excuse and can no longer lie to myself. It’s not that I am busy. It’s that I am lazy and trash. I could have gone my whole life without this realization.

Leaving the State

Because our president decide to leave this as a state issue we get vastly different rules depending on the state we are in. I am honestly terrified to leave the state. I honestly think if I were to drive to Maine to get away from Boston for a bit that I would be driven out with pitch forks the second someone notices the Mass plates. Is this a reasonable fear? Probably not, but I live right in one of the worst hit COVID spots in the country. If I were to go out of state the best case scenario for me is to be treated like someone bit in a zombie movie; people will fake compassion and understanding, but the second I turn I will be popped in the back of the head.

Job Security

Now I feel safe at my job. However, seeing those unemployment numbers go up I get worried, as irrational as that may be. I never thought about getting laid off before, but I am starting to realize that it is a possibility that I get to stress about several times a day for the foreseeable future.


From the age of 6 I have avidly followed Baseball, from 8 football, and 9 hockey and basketball. I do not know how to exist without it. I need sports. I need live content. I watched some fucking marbles roll down a slide on you tube and the fucking simulated Kentucky Derby to get my fix. It was not near close to enough. I watched all 7 rounds of the NFL draft. I watched Brady golf. Still didn’t do it for me. Whatever league comes back first will be capitulated to my favorite sport. It is what they deserve for saving my sanity.


Now I saved the best for last. We actually touched on this one during our podcast ( ). I miss going to bars so much. When I complain about this several people say “Restaurants are open. Just get drinks at a table.” Fuck that. Anyone who thinks that is a bucket of dicks (or pale of penises to keep things PG-13). Getting drinks with a meal is not the same as a bar. You can sit at a bar for 5 or 6 hours. If you get a table and stay more than 90 minutes then you are a god damn scum bag. At table you have to order a meal. At a bar I only have to order my drinks (which will be refilled so much faster) and maybe get some bar nachos. Tables are too clean. Bars have a nice questionable sticky film on them. Tables have comfortable chairs you get too comfy in. Bar stools are awkward, keep you alert, and force to to over indulge (the way god intended alcohol to be consumed). So you can take your table and shove up your ass. I will be in mourning until I can go to a bar, order 20 beers, only socialize with the one person I came in with and the bartender, and get fucking hammered.

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