Dr. McGillicuddy’s Top 5 Flavors

We are here to rank the best shooters, nips, mini bottles, or whatever the fuck you one to call them. The doctor dominates this portion of the liquor market. If you disagree you are objectively wrong. Since there is no argument about another brand being superior, we are going to rank the top 5.

Honorable Mention

Peppermint- Far to similar to another flavor on here. Still solid though.

Coffee- Shit is fucking weird but I appreciate that it exists.

#5 Root Beer

The doctor really nailed that unique root beer flavor. But like root beer you probably do not want to have more than a few. The novelty is nice, but wears off fast. Use it to spike some IBC to have a stronger and more delicious hard soda than Not Your Father’s.

#4 Apple Pie

This is an American classic. You can add it to so many things to create an original taste or chill it for shooters. The only reason that this is not higher is because it is a tough thing to down when it is warm. As we all know sometimes you need to smuggle your shooters into a place before you can drink them and this is not a fun go in that case.

#3 Fireball

This is a flavor of Dr. McGillicuddy’s. Take the 15 seconds to google it before you try and call me out and look like a fucking idiot. The world is split on this one. For a lot of people it is there go to shot until it isn’t anymore. I honestly do not know a single person who does not have a fireball story. I can not put it higher than #3 because, about 33% of the world swears it off by their 21st birthday.

#2 Butterscotch

This shit is underrated as fuck. Hit smooth, great taste. Since it is basically a candy you can pound them back until you run out. If you do not agree with this placement go fucking drink one right now because you either never had one or forgot how good they are.

#1 Menthol

This is a given. When you ask for the doctor you do not even need to specify the flavor. Everyone knows this is what you want, and if it wasn’t then you got something better than what you wanted. The chilling mint allows you to drink this at any temperature. So if you have 7 shoved in your shoe going through security at the Sox game then there is no need to worry. No matter how warm they get you are good to go. You can drink them until you puke, and then rally and keep going. The mint will only freshen your garbage breath.

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