Useless Quarantine Purchases

As the world (New England) starts to reopen it is a good time to remind ourselves of how we spent this time. Most likely we wasted it and for proof of this we need to look no further than our recent Amazon purchases. We will run though my useless purchases, so maybe I can save you from making the some dumb mistakes. It probably too late, but who cares let’s dive in.

1,000 piece puzzles

Fuck these things straight to hell. I jumped on that puzzle craze late and there were slim pickings on amazon. There was zero percent chance I was going to a store so I dealt with the miserable selection. I knew I wanted a 1,000 piece puzzle due to the fact that I am a grown ass man. A puzzle less than 1,000 piece is like playing madden on rookie mode. It is soft shit and I want no part of it. I conclusion I bough a 1,000 piece puzzle of an ocean. Once I got started I realized two things. Puzzles suck, and I do not have a table large enough in my apartment to complete a puzzle. That piece of garbage is where it belongs now… I guess in hindsight I could have recycled.

Fake Fitbit

Another terrible purchase of mine was a knock off fitbit. I was looking for something to shame me into getting off the couch, but I could not even figure it out. I eventually sprung for an actual Fitbit, which was a good bye. Unfortunately I flushed $34.99 down the toilet before paying for quality.

External Hard Drive

Now you have probably heard us complain about the fact that Modern Warfare II takes up basically all the memory on a basic PS4. To combat this dilemma I got a 2 TB external drive. Now this thing works great. However, it is on here because I personally blame it for all my COVID weight gain. I did not need all these video games. Now I for real never get up.

Anything from an Instagram AD

I now own a Gorilla bow ( a piece of workout equipment so obviously I will never touch it). It is honestly pretty cool looking, but I know myself and the thing will get no use. I have a miniature version of a drying rack that I assumed would be a normal size. Wireless head phones that broke immediately. A fly trap that smell like piss, and a plethora of other crap. Now because I did not want my identity stolen, I bought these on amazon after seeing them on Instagram. But, this has lead me to believe everything on Instagram is garbage. Is this a problem of impulse control for me? Shut up

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