A Reason to Drink (Today in History 6/25)

We are in a heat wave and nothing hydrates better than a refreshing beverage of the alcohol variety. However at this point into our four month COVID benders you may need a little motivation to pour that first glass allow me to help.

On this day in history, 23 years ago, was the 1997 NBA Draft. Celtics had very high hopes heading into the lottery. It was the first time we had a top 3 pick since the 1986 Len Bias Draft and there was excitement. Obviously the lottery didn’t pan out. Our statistically highest chance of getting the #1 pick did not pan out. Our dream of pairing Tim Duncan with a promising, young Antoine Walker was halted as we found ourselves with the 3rd pick instead. If only we had been able to win the lottery that year. Then maybe the Celtics would have been relevant during the early 2000’s (obviously things were back in business with the assembly of the big 3 in 2008). The only consolation is that who knows what our record would have been had we had a rookie Tim Duncan. He might have made us too good to get Pierce in the 1998 draft. That would have been awful.

In the end we actually got a solid player in Chauncey Billups. Unfortunately, he did not mesh well with our coach at the time (Rick Pitino) and we honestly did not know how to use him. A year later he was traded away. After that, despite some good individual performances, our Celtics were stuck with a decade of mediocre seasons.

If only we got Tim Duncan. Oh, what could have been. If the Disney+ “what if” story takes off then ESPN needs to do there own. I’d watch an episode about Tim Duncan as a Celtic or if Len Bias did not leave this world too soon and had the opportunity to suit up in green.

But anyways drink to the decade of mediocrity that could have been avoided if one ping pong ball just went our way. As always some drink ideas to celebrate in style are below.

Green Chi

Apparently there is a Celtics inspired cocktail. Thanks for Google and to Sports Illustrated for posting their first relevant article outside of the swimsuit issue in a decade (

Old Fashioned

Tim Duncan’s nickname was The Big Fundamental. What is more fundamental to drinking than on Old Fashion. Basic ingredients brought together to form a perfect beverage when you do things right. When you do things wrong it sucks. Make it right to celebrate Tim Duncan’s career. Make it wrong to commemorate how the Celtics used Billups.

Any alcohol or beer at room temperature

Drinks are good you enjoy. The Celtics are fun you enjoy them. Drinks are better when the are cold. The Celtics are better when they have a chance of making noise in the playoffs. From 1998-2008 the Celtics were a room temperature beer. I’d still drink it and you’d still watch.

Leprechaun Shots

I feel like I do not need to explain this one. If you have never been to a college town dive bar its just midori melon liquor, Malibu rum, and pineapple juice mixed together.

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