Day Drinking versus Night Drinking

Fuck going out at night. Fuck clubs. Fuck loud music. Fuck crowded places. Going out for a night of drinking is objectively terrible. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love crushing over priced drinks then waking up to a soul crushing amount of money being gone from my account. Who does not love that thrill? However there is a better way than what we are doing.

Stop going out at night. Put your damn foot in the ground. Tell your trashy friends that you have no plans on meeting them out at 11:30 PM. How the fuck is that fun? Do you know how much taurine I need to inject into my brains to stay out for that. Why is this the way we spend our Saturday nights. We did nothing all day. Why do we wait for the day to be over before we go out? Makes no sense. Let’s bump those plans up to 11:30 AM. Now that sounds like a fun time. You can actually hear the people you went out with. Antone you meet is instantly 2000% cooler than anyone you meet out at night. You can keep the party going for hours without there being negative impact on your sleep schedule for the work week.

It’s really a no brainier at this point. And if for no other reason, you can start drinking earlier and for longer. Join the movement. Day Drink.

Obviously during COVID this all means nothing, as we are both day drinking and night drinking constantly.

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